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They're all up on the pedestal.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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You'll never see this [Nov. 26th, 2007|03:05 am]
The Unobtainable Crush Community
[mood |sadsad]
[music |You Can't Hurry Love : Diana Ross]

Dear Allie,

You'll never see this, I'm sure. It's been almost five months to the day since you ended our friendship (according to my facebook inbox).
I still think about you all the time. I still think about things that we did, I remember our inside jokes. It's so pathetic.
I sent you a note on facebook, asking if we could be friends again... I don't think you'll respond.

But how could we ever be friends again? After how it all went down... How can you pick up the pieces from that?
I miss you so much...

But what about you? I never realized that you were so upset. How on earth could I make it all up to you?

Would a new friendship between us just be walking on eggshells until neither of us could stand it any longer, and we just drifted apart, again?

Maybe that's why I messaged you. I just feel so AHHH. I don't know. You and Renee ditching me at the same time, going through all that stuff with my dad and brothers... I felt like the world was plotting against me. Irrational, maybe, but that's how it was.
I feel like, just once, just ONCE, I need to end a relationship with someone on MY terms.

I always feel like the bad guy, the villian, the loser, the bitch. Maybe that's why I always try to come off as an innocent victim, because I feel so much the opposite all the time.

...Am I doing it now?


Here are some updates:

David has a girlfriend named Jessica
Chris Sharrett is moving in with Josh and I
I'm getting weight loss surgery soon
I'm seeing a real therapist now
Josh turned 21 in October
I got a job at Borders
I quit my job at Borders
I now have a pet goldfish, named Fish
I dyed my hair red
I dyed it dark brown
Josh and I bought a new car. A red Toyota Yaris.
I still hardly ever talk to my dad, but my brothers and I are getting along better.
After my surgery, I'm starting at Montgomery College
Then applying to Georgetown University
Mr. Rees owns a bong

That's about it.


Miss you.
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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2006|10:13 pm]
The Unobtainable Crush Community

[mood |discontentnot good]
[music |Teddy Gieger - For You I Will [acoustic]]

Hey Molly.

I dunno if you'll ever see this but I guess that's okay.

I miss you a lot.

And I'm sorry we haven't talked in a long time, I've been really busy with work and school and worrying about You Can't Take It With You auditions, and trying to find time to sleep.
And I know those are lame excuses, but that's all I got.

I hope you're making lots of friends at your new school.
I hope they appreciate that they have you while we Oakton kids don't.

School's not that same without you and Cameron.

You guys were like...
My Rock.

I mean...
I don't mean to go on this huge tangent about myself, but you guys were my best friends. I mean, you are my best friends, but...I dunno.

I'm lonely in all forms of the word right now.

Sorry...This was suppose to be a post to you about how much I love and miss you.

Umm...let's see, how's Oakton...
Tech is pretty okay right now. All my classes are just okay, really. Everyone is pretty the same. Everyone keeps asking about you in theatre. They miss you. I was actually talking to Mark today about what part in You Can't Take It With You that you would've rocked the house at. I said Penny, and Mark said you would make an awesome Mrs. Kirby. He thought you would've had a lot of fun being all snobby, lol.


I really do miss you, you know.

Happy Birthday to Renee by the way!

Jessie, Jessica's friend from PVI (if you remember her) got a boyfriend. I met him today, he's really funny.
And then I got super depressed when I realized I was the only single person amougst Jessie, Jessica, Ryan (Jessie's new beau) and I.


Well...I guess I'll end this post, I doubt you'll ever see it anyway but it's worth a shot.

I love you.

And I guess I'll see you...when I see you.


Allie ♥
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